• Karácsony Ltd.

    About us: 

    Family Business


    "Our bakery delivers pastrys to hundreds of local shops. The standard quality of the processed fruits are very important for us because of the guarantee of our products."

    Canned food


    "We use Karácsony Ltd.'s products for various canned foods for many years. With their stock we can guarantee the high quality for our partners."

    Vegetable Processing


    "We use pritamin pepper in large quantities In our factory. It is particularly important for us that Karácsony Ltd. can deliver pritamin pepper in various forms."



    "In Russia we consume horseradish in various forms. Karácsony Ltd. can guarantee the same quality of ​​raw material, because they process horseradish from Europe's largest continuous area."

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    Karácsony Ltd.

    • City: Debrecen
    • Street address: Aranylile utca 3.
    • Phone: +3652459741
    • State/Province/Region: Hajdú-Bihar
    • Email: karacsonykft361@gmail.com

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    Our technology preserves all our product’s tastes.