We are proud of the hungarian base materials, our plant culture and their high quality.

  • Horseradish

    The plant of life force is horseradish, and this resource is close to our cold store  and it greatly determines our activity.

    We sell our vegetables and fruits all over Europe in many ways to our partners!

    torma feldolgozás
  • Frozen fruits

    Gönc peach, Pándi sour cherry, raspberry, black and red currant, plum, blackberry, gooseberry are our offer. 

    fagyasztott gyümölcs
  • Frozen vegetables


    The cultivation of tomatoes and peppers is ideal in this climate. 

    The taste of Hungarian vegetables is first-class. These are essential spices for Hungarian flavors.

    fagyasztott zöldség


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    Karácsony Ltd.

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    • State/Province/Region: Hajdú-Bihar
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    Our technology preserves all our product’s tastes.